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Rules and Regs for Crusaders of the Phoenix (CotP) members


Keira - Guild Master
Gankstâr- officer
Gknowmeh - Raid leader

General rules of the house

1. All members are expected to be signed up on the guild forums, and to check them at least every 2 days. Important information will be posted here, so please keep yourself up to date. Raid points will be allocated as reward for being an active member of the forum (please see Raiding Rules, rule 6 for more information).

2. Bitching, fighting or abusive behaviour in guild chat, raid chat, on TS or on these forums will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another guild member please then sort it out in whispers, use a private TS channel or bring your issue to an officer. We expect a friendly, community atmosphere in our guild, so please play your part. Also, officers can and will remove any forum post or thread that they deem to be inappropriate or inflammatory. Should this occur, the reasons for the post/thread being removed will be discussed, in private, with the individual concerned.

3. Any raider that will be unavailable to raid for an extended period of time, for holidays or change of shifts at work etc, should let us know the dates you will be unavailable for. This should be done via the Extended Absence thread on the guild forums.

New members

1. New members are subject to a minimum 2 week trial period, starting from the first raid you attend/are available for. This trial period will end when the officers feel you have shown you are a "good fit" for our guild. During this trial period you will be able to earn raid points, but will have lowest priority on loot. This means that if you roll on an item against a ranked raider, even if you have more points or roll higher, the item will go to the ranked raider. We expect new members to invest in the guild before you start taking loot from raids.

2. Guild bank access will be restricted to new members. The reasons for this should be fairly obvious. If you feel you need an item from the guild bank for raiding, please ask an officer

3. New members will not be permitted to bring their alts into the guild until such time as their trial period is over. Once you have achieved your raid rank, you can talk to an officer about moving any and all alts you wish into the guild.

Raiding rules

1. All raids are scheduled on the calendar and raiders are expected to sign up there as soon as possible, whether it's to accept or decline. People signing up as accepted are expected to attend. If you can't attend a raid for which you have signed up, then please change your invite status on the calendar. Or, if you can't change your status before the raid start, please use the shoutbox on this site or let an officer know. We accept that sometimes this will not be possible, but please make every effort to let us know, as soon as possible, if you can't attend. People signing up for raids and not attending will be subject to a loss of raid points, loot ban or demotion.

2. Raiders are expected to be online and ready to raid 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. It will be at this time that we start looking for pugs to fill any open spots, so being late can and will lose you your raid spot. Again, if you know you will be late, please make every effort to let an officer know so this can be taken into consideration.

3. Raiders are expected to be "raid ready" for the raids they sign up for. This means being fully gemmed and enchanted, having potions and flasks relevant to your class/spec, understanding your character and understanding the fights as well as your role in them. Gems, enchants, potions and flasks can be found in the guild bank, if what you need is not there, please ask in guild as we have many people that can and will help you out. There are many videos online detailing all encounters in the raids we'll be doing, so please watch them. Not having done a fight on a specific difficulty is no excuse for not having a basic understanding of the mechanics of that fight.

4. Raiders are expected to be available for the full duration of raids that they sign up for. If you know in advance that you will have to leave early, let an officer know so we can decide whether or not to bring someone else. People who leave mid-raid (barring emergencies of course), without having let an officer know before raid start, will be subject to loss of raid points, loot ban or demotion.

5. The final decisions about raids, including what raid instance we do and the tactics we use, will be made by the raid leader. If the raid leader asks for suggestions, then feel free to voice them. But once a decision is made, your job is to support the person in charge.

6. Loot will be distributed with a raid point system. Raid points will be gained for showing up to raids, being on time for raids, killing bosses and replying to important forum posts (to show you have read such posts). Raid points will be deducted from people who do not follow the rules outlined in this post. Alts will be able to gain raid points for attending raids and killing bosses, but will have lower priority on loot if rolling against a main character. For gearing runs, loot will be distributed with a /roll system. Main specs will of course have priority over off specs and main characters will have priority over alts. In the event we have to pug spots for a raid, the raid point system will still be used. Players will be asked to /roll on items that drop, if a pug wins the roll, then he or she will get the loot. If a guild member wins the roll, the loot will go to the guild member with the most raid points, out of those players who rolled, regardless of whose /roll was highest.

7. Core raiders are expected to attend a minimum of 2 progression raids per week in order to maintain their core raider status. Continued failure to meet these requirements will result in a demotion to a lesser rank.

8. Mandatory addons and programs: Mumble, Deadly Boss Mods (or equivalent), ,


Failure to abide by these rules will result in loss of raid points, loot bans, demotion and, in extreme or repeated cases, removal from the guild. Officers will decide on a case by case basis how to deal with an individual incident, and any punishments will be explained to the member involved by the officer who issues them.