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We are Crusaders of the Phoenix, a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage EU. We're not a hardcore raiding guild by any means, but nor are we a casual guild that does a little raiding. Our aim is to make steady progress through current raid content whilst having a laugh, enjoying the game and meeting some fun people (as well as a few nutters :P ). We're a friendly bunch who try not to take the game, or ourselves, too seriously.

The guild, in its current incarnation, was formed at the start of legion after some of our core group decided to break away and make their own social guild rather than wanting to raid. Although this was a disruptive shock at the time, Crusaders is committed to raiding and with enough for a strong 10 man raid team we started our progress into Legion. Despite the rocky start, Crusaders has, and continues to, recruit to strengthen our core raid team. With a positive attitude and some great people, we got through normal and heroic Emerald Nightmare without to many hiccups, and into Trial of Valor heroic. Odyn and Guarm went down relatively quick, but Helya hmmm........ well thats one nightmare that will be with some of us for a while. Since then we cleared normal and heroic Nighthold (and continue to clear heroic weekly), and are now onto 3/10 mythic bosses and continuing and progress.

Over the months since Legion hit us, we have taken on many new recruits. As always some don't quite fit and move on, but those who stayed have fitted in well both socially, and as raiders and have become part of the Crusaders family and this is something we hope to continue to achieve.

We decided to raid Legion content our own way, and are doing rather well even though we may say that ourselves. The decision to NEVER GIVE UP AND TO PUSH ON even when some have felt we can't progress further, has proved to be very successful and resulted in a solid team of raiders who get on well, raid as a cohesive unit, and enjoy having fun together in and out of raids. This good atmosphere, and our ethos of progressing through content in a relaxed and enjoyable way (well most the time apart from when frustration sets in on those stubborn bosses!), has seen us make a strong start in the opening raid tier. This is something we're looking to continue through the rest of this expansion and beyond.

We're currently in the process of looking for a few active and mature(ish) people to add to our core raid team. A good attitude and a desire to raid are required, but more important is your ability to bring a sense of fun with you into all aspects of the game. We raid 3 days a week, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, from 20.00 til 23.00. Although we are actively recruiting certain classes/specs, please feel free to put in an application or speak to any officer if your interested in joining us regardless of class.

We currently have a team of 6 officers, Keira, Gankstâr, Catherine, Yamamoto, Vaeyn and Wrathelement. All do a great job to keep the guild running both on a day to day basis, and to organise our raids and other activities. We are all happy to answer any questions so if you feel you would fit into our guild, them feel free to whisper any of us online.

Thanks for checking us out and hope to see you in raid soon.